Since education never ends, we provide further training on IT, business administration as well as economic topics . We collaborate with schools and business sector partners to develop innovative workshops, coachings, trainings and e-learning projects.

Our academy work spans projects in nearly every educational vertical: early childhood, elementary and secondary schools, post-secondary education and adult continuing education.

We offer educational training, consulting and research services within the field of information technologies and business transformation.

Moreover, thanks to our interdisciplinary team, we can provide educational institutions with support in implementing digital transformations, help schools develop and introduce media education concepts, and conduct impact evaluations.

Inhouse Workshops

We have many years of experience in the planning and implementation of tailor-made in-house workshops.
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We train your workforce individually.

Lunch and Learn

We teach your workforce in lunch and learn sessions and introduce new technological concepts.


We teach your workforce and introduce new technological concepts, state-of-the-art approaches and best practises.

Best Sellers

Courses. Workshops. Coachings.
Workflow Automation
Business Process Management

Automation is on everyone’s lips. Are your processes already digital, or are employees still trying to do their job by sending Excels by e-mail? In this course you will learn how to select processes for automation and how various types of process automation tools work. If you want to take advantage of new opportunities, but you do not know where to start, and terms such as BPMS or RPA do not tell you much, then this course is made for you.

(V)Vision Workshop
Digital Business Workshops

Workshop series for organisations, schools and universities involving an initial status quo definition phase followed by a vision development phase in which goals and strategies for the further development of the own business vision are determined. The workshop involves development of the own business model, corporate identity presence to the website as well as the digital marketing strategy.

Software Implementation
IT & Change Management Coachings

According to multiple studies intrinsic motivation improves the performance – sustainably. As consultants we have deep know-how in the field of software implementation. Learn from our experience how organizations manage to introduce new software beyond the organizational boundaries and how employees are motivated rather than forgotten. We have also made mistakes, which we are happy to share with you.

Data and Analytics
IT and Business Analysis

Smart businesses know that data drives success. Learn how to deal with new kind of analytic platforms and how to make informed business decisions. Across industries, today’s most data-driven businesses use the analytic platforms to do more with their data.

Technology and Disruptive Change

Learn how to adapt your strategy, products and processes quickly in response to external factors such as competition, economic, political, social, legal and technological changes and deal effectively with the impact of internal factors like product portfolio, organisation structures, legacy applications and so on.

ICT Mentor
Information Technology Courses

Further individual training courses for organisations, professionals, teachers and teams on how to use IT and media in presentations, sale pitches and lessons. Furthermore, we also offer trainings for smaller organisations and management staff who want to be able to provide educational and technical first-level support.

Let us know your requirements.

We will be happy to convince you with an individual offer.

We offer training, consulting and research services within the field of
business-oriented topics

Strategy Management
Business Architecture
Digital Transformation
Business Process Management
Project Portfolio Management
Quality Management

…as well as
technology-oriented topics.

Business IT Alignment
IT Service Management
Collaboration Tools
Workflow Automation
Agile Project Management
Requirements Management

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Trial IT Apprenticeship

In order to support young people on their way to work life WisionTech AG offered a 3 days trial apprenticeship which was held from 13th to the 15th March 2018. During this trial apprenticeship the company offered young people an…